Monday, May 04, 2009


Such sadness. Such disappointment. Such absence (aka no treat lol)

Last summer my husband, who is SUCH a softie for any living creature, found a chipmunk living in the yard. "It looked hungry" (he told me). "It stared at me" (he told me). "What could I do"? (he said to me) "but give it a few of the (non-salted) peanuts I was eating"? His kindness and sharing ways are two things I love about him, without question. But I had my doubts about feeding the 'cm' population. (I am mean that way lol)

But I said nothing and he and the cm had a long happy friendly peanut filled summer and fall.

This spring we have more cm's in the yard than you can shake a stick at!! roflmo Thus sadly (but necessarily) the peanut sharing has stopped. I'm not sure who it's been harder on - the cm (as seen above) or my DH who misses feeding him... (no picture of that :-)

(And just between you and me, I check the level of the peanut jar once a week, lol)


  1. Sammi, MI4:56 PM

    black oiler sunflower seeds work great too. . . and less expensive than peanuts! however. . . you'll probably have even more next year!

  2. LOL!
    I won't show my puppy this picture. We have a chipmunk that was the bane of her existence last year.
    She SO wants to eat it, but can't ever catch it!
    (Please don't mention that to your hubby...)
    BTW - I love my swirly goodness!