Saturday, May 08, 2010

Sometimes You Get Lucky

Some of you may have already seen this
mothers day post to my  mum (last year)
Still... I wanted to share it with her
(and you)
again  :-)
Love you Mum....
 In fact, sometimes life allows you to be astoundingly lucky.

My longest running, best bit of luck began with having the remarkable woman you see here as my mother, my 'mom' or as I call her now, Mum....

Looking at the scrawny (nearly) hairless, too thin to even fill out a pair of plastic diaper pants baby I was, it's hard to know what she saw in me. LOL a beauty I wasn't that's for certain. Allergic to milk as it turned out, for months I never slept. I seldom smiled. Instead each day I cried, I screamed. All day. All night. Still, she loved me.Once it was determined I was allergic to milk and put on soy, I stopped screaming. Then I didn't gain weight (worrying her out of her mind). Smaller than the gladiolas, still she loved me...She loved me thru my confounding hatred of dresses. Confounding because I had an endless fascination and passion for accessories! Jewelry of ANY kind, beads, purses, sox, bows, headbands. (Even then I was a jeans with jewelry kind of girl). She loved me thru years of my constant "can I take the dress off yet mommy?!" She also loved me thru a lot of realllyyy bad home perms. She never lost patience with my love of 'prizes' (photo above is a christmas gift). A trait that persists I have to confess, lol She still admitted I was her daughter even when I made some 'unique choices' (and if admitting I belonged to her in THIS outfit isn't love, I don't know what is, lol) All thru my life I have and continue to make 'unique' choices. She continues to love me. And thru all the years she taught me by not just word, but by example. She didn't just talk the talk - she walked the walk. She taught me to be kind. To be honest. To be brave. To BELIEVE in myself. To know that I could do anything. She taught me the to find great joy in small everyday things. She taught me you must renew yourself to continue to give. She shared with me her love of poetry - so much a part of who I am now. She shared with me her love of the sea - one of my great loves. She was tough when I needed it, stern when I deserved it, proud of me when I earned it. And always, she loved me. All thru my life she's been and remains my best girlfriend, my confidant, my rock. She's always there for me. We laugh and cry together, adventure together, ponder life together. She's still teaching me, encouraging me, hard on me when I need it. Proud of me when I deserve. And the best part of all? She loves me still.

And I hope she knows how much I love her.........
I hope she knows how much she's taught me, guided me, given me strength.

Happy Mothers Day Mum ~ I love you......

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