Monday, May 10, 2010

Random Inspiration Pictures

All winter long (or is that all long winter, lol) I've been taking pictures that inspire, evoke emotions, capture memories ~ random inspirations.

I though that you'd enjoy seeing a sprinkling of these images, so I'll be sharing them here thru the Spring and Summer.  I'd (of course!) love to know if/how any of the images whisper to you, and if so it'd be wonderful if you'd share what they say to you in the comments. Love to know what the image stirs in your mind/heart/creative soul..... Or what memory it lifts to mind?

**This picture is of a vintage beaded handbag that was my grandmom's, then my mum's. Mum passed it on to me ~ and now I'm sharing it with you  :-)  The detail is amazing. Even more surprising is the fact it survives in nearly perfect condition.  I love the colors and the combination of floral design within geometric pattern(s).  Such opposing design elements, merged beautifully in this piece. 

I think the combination of lines and florals for bead embellishment could be really interesting....  What do you think?  :-)

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