Monday, November 29, 2010

Cyber Monday Sold Out (thank you!) so it's extended to Tues (new work)

2011 Cyber Monday (and yes, lol 2011 Tardy Tuesday!) can be found on the studio website this year!
THREE pages of items on sale - see page directory at the website for cyber-sale pages 1, 2 and 3!

NEWS! I've just added beads a la' FLICKR for a TARDY TUESDAY sale Everything SOLD for Cyber Monday - thank you! But I'd intended to have even more to offer & since (lol) I couldn't quite get everything listed I'm extending the sale into Tuesday (Tardy Tuesday in honor of ME not getting everything listed yet) :-) So far it's only the images and bead names (use the bead name to request/buy a bead) by emailing me at glasschick at yahoo dot com (you know how to adjust the email addy :-) with the bead name in the subject line......

EVERY bead, button, focal single or set, boro or moretti on the FLICKR Tardy Tuesday Set Showcase is ONLY $6.99! (plus 2.50 shipping and sales tax if shipped to a NY addy).

$6.99! That's less than half price on several of them! Yay!

The details and more beads will be going up tonite and tomorrow. First to email me at glasschick at yahoo dot com gets the bead and I'll mark sold as quickly as I can to avoid bead-buyis-interruptus (LOL) Here's the link

Set page that shows pics in stationary fashion (you can click for detail info)

Or this link (just below) that takes you directly to the page showing all the detail info on each bead (and allows for comments) ~ I like to make every version of viewing easily available :-) After all, I live for your lampwork-bead-related-happiness!

NEWEST on the website are:
Snowman ornament, heart button
Reliquia (female torso)
(Go to New work page 2 from the menu above & scroll down the page to see them)!

~~~ If you'd like an email when new work goes up on the studio website email me at with 'subscribe' in the subject line

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