Saturday, October 16, 2010

AUCTION for Andrew Thornton (now closed) THANK YOU ALL!

THE BLOG-CTION is now CLOSED. My heartfelt thanks to everyone who entered bids!
Each and every one of you were a step in the journey to help Andrew. No small thing.
Kindness is never a small thing. 
And along the way each of you confirmed what the world needs to see....
**many kind, caring, giving people who don't just 'talk the talk' but who "DO" **

 From the bottom (and top and middle lol) of my heart ~ Thank you....

     The current high bid for the beads closed at $60.00!!
And additional funds are being offered  for donation. Wonderful!

A fellow artist, someone I've not known long but I think of as a friend, is dealing with a health crisis. Difficult enough in and of itself. But as is true of so many artists, he faces the additional concern and worry of the cost of needed treatment and care.

With that in mind I'm offering six of my lampwork beads here via what I'm going to call (here I go creating new words again roflmao) a blogction (blog auction)! Every penny of this sale will benefit Andrew Thornton.  The blog auction will run from the moment it posts today 10/16 until - noon on 10/23. US shipping will be included free.

There is no starting bid. I leave that to all of you. Tell me via email what you'd like to bid/offer and the highest will win - all monies to go to Andrew.  Periodically I'll post the current higest bid. Bid via email & as often as you like and on 10/23 the highest bid/offer received will win all six beads. Remember, FREE shipping in the United States.

***  click HERE to place any/all bids  ***

I hope you'll bid with your heart, and tho the wisdom with auctions (normally, lol) is not to share a link with potential competing bidders I hope you'll do just the opposite and send a link far and wide to everyone you can! (thank you!)  

Images of beads are below!
*Beads are not for use by children of any age 

I made these six beads with messages, thoughts, hopes & wishes for Andrew in mind......

The bee for beeeelieving all will be well!

The fish for swimming with the flow of life....

The heart for  the fondness so many of us have for him & the center swirl in the heart to signify 'strength from within'

The fall leaf with white edge wrap for the time of year...

The tab bead ~ of orange for strength & endurance ~ beige for patience and calm....

The yellow filligrana bead for sunny, happy, days ahead....

Two images below please see both :-) And click on second image to see all beads in that image as some of my sidebar prevents full view.

*Better images to follow (sizes to follow also for those who wish to know) Forgive my impatience in not waiting to post this until the pics were perfect and details  all gathered. I wanted to get this started  today before the weekend slipped away so more people would have a chance to view!

Note: These beads are not for use/wear by children of any age....The fish and bee are not recommended for wearable use - fin and wings are fragile - but the beeee and fish would be grand for decorative use!

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