Thursday, October 28, 2010


Fall - time to clean-the-nest for me.
Odd? Well, lets say "different..."
I know Spring cleaning is the standard but it's never worked for me, lol. When Spring arrives she beckons, whispers, calls-me-outside! House and I have been together all winter. We love each other but we need a little time apart. Spring cleaning holds no magic for me.

Fall is the opposite.
Fall stirs up all the nesting needs in my little heart and mind. House and I will soon be returning to our beloved  intense companionship of winter ( just shy of forever when you consider the length of winters in Upstate NY).  

Decor & organizational thoughts dreams & schemes considered and shelved all Spring and Summer come to life. Sort! Clean! Paint! (Re)Arrange! Label! Projects!
Lions and tigers and bears (oh my!)

Coffee in hand this morning I started jotting down notes of the things I'd love to accomplish this Fall. Oh I love the list! On the list all things are possible! There is no nod to time. No thought of budget! The list is a daydream put to words. My not-yet-real plan in ink.  What's on the list?  LOL it's not finished yet. It'll take a few more cups of coffee to finish. But once it is I'll share my list.

If you're a fellow fall-cleaner I'd love to know what you have on your list?!


  1. I have also been doing some fall cleaning! In my case it's because I am really nesting. I have to make room for my baby.

  2. Now that is the BEST reason :-) Congrats!!!!