Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday Giveaway! (One of THREE)!

What fun it was, the giveaway at Andrew's Blog!
                      :-( But it's over & done  :-(
Read on to join the giveaway here open till 12mn 10/28!

Welcome welcome to the blog edition of the Thursday Giveaway
 curated by jewelry designer, artist, wordsmith, observer of life  Andrew Thornton! The primary giveaway featuring my work this Thursday can be found on
Andrew's delightful blog (simply click the link to view and join in the fun of the giveaway there)!

I thought in addition to the giveaway Andrew  is (was) hosting, it would be even more enjoyable to hold a second giveaway here on my journal! If one is good, two is better, yes? lol

To be entered in the blog-bead-giveaway-drawing HERE on my muse mutters, leave a comment on this post. I'll put your blog name or your name (if you don't have a blog) into the drawing. IF you also sign up to follow me here on blogger visibly (adding your little icon to my follow list) I'll add your name/or blog name again, doubling your chances to win the drawing here! 

These beads as seen will go to the name drawn (the stone must remain with me, he's an old friend.....) The focal bead is large, dynamic. A deep brooding center is balanced by beige on each opposing end and further embellished with swirls and droplets of lavender.  The focal is of moretti as are the companions. Fully properly annealed. Stringing access on the focal is top to bottom as seen.
Note: Beads are not for use by children of any age...
But wait, there's more! roflmao. 

If ONE giveaway is great fun & TWO giveaways are exciting, aaaahhhhhh how about THREE!!?!!?? So yes, I'm having another give away on the studio website. After all, can there be such a thing as too much fun or too many beads? Hmmmm? I think not, lol

To view the website giveaway just click studio giveaway.  At the bottom of the page you'll find the studio website giveaway! To be entered in the studio giveaway, sign up for my studio newsletter mailing list (link on main page and in page menu) for a chance to win the beads there.

My blog and website drawing will end (10/28)
Remember the drawing on andrew-thornton's blog will end 10/25

I'll also be adding new pieces from my studio to my website for the next seven days in case you want to do a bit of wandering/shopping while you're there  :-)


The Quest Continues LLC


  1. These have to be my favorite of all three. I love them all, but these just speak to me :)

  2. Your followers section is not working :(

  3. Hi Imaginative :-)
    Thank you for letting me know about followers not working. I alerted blogger immediately. Just now (8:25 EST) I tried "follow" again. It worked that time around (tho lol I removed myself from following myself :-)

    If you have time perhaps try again? I'd love to have you follow!

  4. Wow! Your work is amazing!!!! Thank you for doing this!

  5. You make wonderful works of art. I would love to have some of them.

  6. I love your beads, your auction for Andrew, and the more is more philosophy of giveaways!

  7. beautiful beads! would love to have them!

  8. Love your beads! Just came from Andrew's blog, and I'm glad to have discovered your blog! Thanks for the giveaway,

  9. I'm a follower of your blog now!!!

  10. Such a lovely thing you are doing. I am also a new follower.
    Enjoy the day!

  11. Your beads are stunning and I appreciate your participation in helping our mutual friend, Andrew.

  12. I just hopped over from Andrew's blog too and love your work. As I said over there, anyone can string beads but this takes talent and artistry. So beautiful!

  13. I am also here by way of Andrew's blog(but I have seen your work before!! lovely)
    Thanks for your generosity and a great giveaway

  14. I'm your newest follower under username MoonRae(and signed up to receive your blog in my mail,I like it here...)
    Thanks again

  15. OMG just beautiful!!

  16. Your beads are beautiful! I followed!


  17. Lovely work!
    Michelle at

  18. These are beautiful, and I'll be following your blog :)

  19. Your work is wonderful. Glad I found you. Found this blog through Erin Hintz's blog.

  20. Beautiful!!! I love that focal bead.
    Thanks for the 3 giveaways.