Monday, October 18, 2010

Tis the season


I have a theory that Fall is so beautiful here as an apology from Nature for Winter
It is an astoudingly beautiful time of year. A time I hold close. The color, the fading warmth. The time of year that is (for me) the season to review the year. I know, that's supposed to occur at the end of the year. But not for me. For me amid the splash of color, the freedom of the leaves as they swoop and swirl briefly en-route to the ground
is the time of review for me....
Fall is the time I glance back over the entire year.

Each peak and valley,each loss, each gain.
I fondly remember the moments of laughter.
I gently revisit the disappointments and pains.
Each joy, each angst a significant thread
in the warp and weave
of the dwindling year.

Amid the reds and yellows set to brilliant sun
Against the reflection of soaking rain

I turn each month, each event, every random moment
over in my mind.

Winter is too harsh and cold
for enjoyable introspection.
Annual review is best back-dropped
by color and wet and wind and dappled sun.

Old friends lost, new friends found.
Doors that closed, drawbridges that were secured.

Moats  that needed to be filled (with water & alligators).
But there were windows opened and ladders extended.
Yin and Yang.

Good choices, bad choices,
looking back one or two
what was I thinking?! choices, lol
The usual mix, knowing that every decision
had reasons that made sense at the time.

One last cup of coffee on the porch
A whispered 'farewell' to the final falling leaves
Sweaters unpacked, days growing shorter
Another year reviewed with 'notes to self' made for 2011
2011... It'll be a good year
Fall in the Northeast
for me.....
Image and Text by FDFerris 10 ~ 2010   
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