Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I have to say, I love this man I share my life with...
We'll have been together for 33 years next year and he sill makes me laugh, still makes me feel like who I am and what I do matters - especially to him.

We're one of those odd couples who are best friends. We love our time together. We are both very very (did I mention VERY, lol) opinionated and driven ~ and by no means do we see/agree on things at first blush. We kiddingly are referred to as 'the debate team'. Nothing, not a thing can occur without at least a 'tri-level' discussion. But we always know what the other is thinking, that's for certain.

Since the advent of email, he's taken to writing me when he arrives at work. It's a long commute for him and I've always liked to know he's arrived safe. Years ago he'd call, now he emails me. It's one of those relationship rituals you don't think much about, but are a gatepost in your day....

Most of his emails are straighforward with 'are you teaching late tonite', do I need to stop for pizza on the way home? kind of things. But SOMEtimes his emails are just priceless. Funny or fuzzy, make me laugh out loud or print them out to save like a hallmark card.

He, (sometimes as you reading do too) shares the "joy" ;-) of my periodic bitching about the bookwork/inventory/paperwork in general (it's an ongoing un-favorite of mine that PEAKS at end of year/tax time) Yes an anual event living with me :-) And he's been equally dismayed with this winter that is more endless than USUAL, so we've been splitting the piss and moan time - me, bookwork, shoveling, him the endless wait for spring, longing for the summer to be free of lousey drives each day, an end of staggaring heat bills (aka a bit of spending money) and release from what is probably HIS biggest pet peeve, road salt. SPRING bringing freedom from watching the car rust away DAILY due to road salt...

So his email this morning just made me laugh out loud....


"I'm here......anon and anon...the latin version of ground hog day. Not a bad drive in....nice without snow on the roads. I hear that spring is just days away with a short pause of just 6 weeks after that till it's warm.

A true sign of spring nearing........the car is almost gone.....but at least paperwork for the year is behind us ...thanks to you for your hard work.

I hope we can enjoy this weekend and have some fun trying to decide how to spend the refund money...Forget I said that" becaause I KNOW you'll want to 'save it'....

Yep, I really really love this guy ;-)

Hope you found something good in your email today too! :-)

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  1. Joanne11:47 PM


    What a sweet email from your hubby! It's those little rituals that assure us of each other's well-being. So simple, yet so endearing, isn't it?

    Glad your paperwork is done, as is mine, and looking forward to the refund.... some for saving, some for fun!!! ...maybe some more lampwork beads from YOU!!! ;-)