Thursday, April 19, 2007


I try (really!) not to 'miss days' chatting with you here.

Tho this time of year the updates are at times less introspective and more of the 'write and run' sort. It is just so hectic in the studio (and life in general) thru spring/summer/fall (in mostly good ways!) In fact this time of year "domestic issues" become a crisis in and of themselves!

If you know me (or have read my official domestic policy entry)then you know I'm certainly no domestic diva by skill or choice, lol. Hence, you'll nod your head knowingly when I tell you in the last 10 days (give or take a week, roflmao) laundry had fallen to the 'end of the list' of things that captured my time/attention.

I finally had to admit I had a choice to make... either:

a) do laundry
b) purchase new clothing for DH and I
c) go au natural, lol

Now b is pricey and c is just not a fair thing to do to the world at my age roflmo, (and besides c is a REALLY bad concept for a hot glassworker ...) So "a" became the obvious (tho unexhaulted) choice :-)

Amazingly, between paperwork, packing and shipping orders, computer work, I got it all done (and no, I will not - ever - admit to you HOW MANY loads of washing and drying and folding it took!) But when it was done, I found that something as uncommon as Haleys comet (in my house at any rate) had occured!

Gleeful tho I was (well ok, more like pleased) that EVERY (yes EVERY!)PIECE of clothing was washed and accounted for I now found myself facing a new unplanned mini-dilema...(drat...) Just WHERE was I going to stow it all?! In truth DH and I own more clothes than drawers... Normally this is a no-crisis-issue (as you'd be amazed how totally effective a dryer can be as a continual interim staging area between clean/wearing/hamper)!

What to do, what to do.....? lol Ah well - each blessing has its curse, eh? As problems go, I'll keep it - but still ain't it a kick in the (clean) pants!"?!

I suppose I could thin the clothing herd - or clean the closet shelves (refolding does wonders as does putting winter things into storage) All logical but unapealing/time consuming options. Bleeehhhhh.

I think this calls for avoidance - eeerrmmmmm, I mean re-evaluation and development of a 'good plan' (aka structured avoidance, lol)

Yep, I'll 'ponder it' while I'm at the torches :-) So I'm off to the studio, coffee in hand (in one of many clean Tshirts)!

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