Friday, April 13, 2007


It must be spring......

I knew this when I saw my DH pull in from work with a huge box in the back of the truck. A new push/trimming lawnmower that was about to be 'presented' LOL.
I say 'presented' because DH always updates me with any new purchase he's procured for the kingdom when he comes thru the door. He is apparently unaware that I take note of all arrivals via the windows :-)

It's the little things in life that are the most enjoyable, don't you think? Take this mower in a box for instance. The promise of shiny new machine, no gunky grass, no chipped paint, no wobby wheels! All you have to do is ASSEMBLE it!

Oh my.....

The last mower that 'came home' was fully assembled, right down to the oil. That was a happy day! I loved that mower for it's 'readiness' ;-)

It's not that DH or I are engineeringly challenged - in truth we both do well. It's more a question of the way in which DH and I approach such tasks. Our approaches differ a bit.... OK, they differ A LOT! roflmao.

I'm a 'adjustable cresent wrench' kind of person.
(DH is a find the proper metric fixed socket or ratchet kind of guy)

He's an "open all the packets of bits IMMEDIATELY and lay them out first". (I'm one who "opens each packet as you need what's in it")

We are both of the opinion that since you logically KNOW where wheels and handles on a lawnmower go you'll only read the directions if you get stuck....

Oh my indeed....

And no matter how many times I do some of these things, I'm chronically amazed at the multitude of small parts needed to accomplish seemingly straight-forward tasks.

I will confess only to you here, we DID have to remove (then replace!) the rear wheels to situate the mover handle where it belonged (the directions most likely DID say to attach handle prior to wheels had we read the directions, lol) But aside from that we did well. No left over parts, a lot of good laughs (both at ourselves and a few at each others expense!) and now there is a fully assembled shiny red lawn mower with oil in it mostly ready to go. I note "mostly ready to go" as it has no gas in it yet.

One thing you learn by this point in life is that it's best to quit while you're ahead, lol.

We'll see if it RUNS tonite :-)

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