Monday, April 16, 2007


I wonder what it is with guys....

With most it is the battle to get them to replace the roll.
Then there's the 'which way it should be placed' issue :-)

I'm a waterfall person as I hate having to coax if from the wall. I like that first sheet floating in the air like a happy little leaf not melded to the wall by static electricity!

(I know...this is the point where you start to worry about the things that occupy my mind)!

But today I was reminded of yet another curiosity of male-toilet-paperness-behavior by my DH (who I have to tell you is incredibly thoughtful about such things ie: seat up, replace the roll - waterfall style too)! Still I haveta wonder if other DH's do this too....

After my DH replaces the TP (and I stress I adore him for not leaving it for me!) he leaves the original roll which has maybe 6-8 squares left on it, on the back of the toilet.... Hmmmmmm.

Womanhood just has to ask "why"? :-)

Is it military survival training? Is it that he just saw the last visa bill and is driven to think using those 8 remaing squares will save us money?! Is it division of labor as in 'I changed it, YOU have "remnanat roll discard duty"?

Yep, ya just have to wonder! LOL.....

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  1. Heather10:00 PM

    That is too funny!! Men are such odd creatures aren't they? I wonder would we ever laugh if they weren't around doing stupid things:)