Thursday, April 05, 2007


Sorting is a word known to women, a task both daunting and delicious (depending...)

If you read my meanderings you know that now at full blown midlife I'm finding I'm driven to simplify. A daunting task for a lifelong packrat for certain. Boxes upon boxes, drawer after drawer filled with little timecapsules of the years. Who'd have thought that the 'saving' of tiny bits of this and that (or, lol hurried tidy-up sometimes!) over decades past could account for such volume?! Amazing indeed.

Much of it is a 'quick-look and toss' caliber. More of it is 'this could be useful someday to someone somewhere sometime... This results in quick emails of 'can you use this' or the ebay pile! :-)

The best and the worst of this quest are the 'surprises'. Those things that you bought and 'tucked away', forgotten for years! Shopping without leaving home! LOL...

Amid the findings are snippets of the heart - letters, pictures, the first book, cards my DH gave me before we were even married three decades ago now. Wine corks and London underground tickets. The warp and weave of so many memories in these little tiny bits of "space~consuming riff-raff", lol.

There are moments I confess when I wish I were of the mindset that can/does send such things to the trash with abandon! I envy them the fact that a wine cork or a half hank of beads doesn't 'speak' to them, or make them smile....

Then again maybe I don't actually envy them at all.....

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