Thursday, November 18, 2010

Selling What You Create

It doesn't vary. Not one bit. Insanity abounds, lol.
Preparing for a 'go-to-the-site' show or preparing for an in-studio show/sale or taking images and uploading for a website sale.  It's all the same.
Lots of work, lots of late nites. And did I mention the insanity? yes, I believe I did, roflmao

As it happens this moment finds me preparing for a website upload of new work, with some pieces going to Etsy perhaps.

But the same mind-muttering occurs as if I were packing to head to a show (as I did years ago) or preparing for a studio sale or selling via the studio website.  Do I have enough? Is the mix of offerings well balanced? Is the price spread what it should be?  LOL exhausted before I even begin the selling with all my second-guessing! I suspect every artist, offering work for sale goes thru much the same review rundown.

The funny thing is that most believe for all decades (tho I'm not a day over 30 something ok?) I have created, sold, taught, had an online presence I undoubtedly have a neat tidy formula for each aspect. Uber refined routines. Can do it in my sleep. Uh yeah right, roflmao. Perhaps I should have been an actress if that's how it appears! :-)  Selling in each and every venue has variants that simply can't be planned for in a neat orderly way. Other anxieties are human and while they grow to be more familiar, they never cease....  

There are tips and there are tricks and there are things (if anyone is interested?) I could share (let me know in comments) that are helpful. But mostly, selling is part work, part worry and a dash of insanity!

Now, I'd best return to all three, lol!

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