Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Up at 3:45 am (yes that is the normal time I drag my butt cheerfully spring out of bed daily). Tidy up of the personal being and go directly from bath to coffee pot. Do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars and no get out of jail free card if you get in my way, lol  Coffee in hand, the day begins officially.

No two days are the same in anyone's world. A bit more-so for me, a self employed artist.  I have a core of routine but the edges of each day weave up (or unravel, lol) differently each & every 24 hour cycle.  So when you stop by here to visit you will find most anything/everything  a widely (or perhaps wildly!) varied array of topics/thoughts/images. Not necessarily cohesive. Not at all contrived. Just me.

Glass, verse, rambles, (occasional) rants, humor, whining, ups, downs, chase my tail around in circles.

What's the meaning of it all?  For me? For you? For the world at large  (or small)?  Not a clue.  But it's lovely to have cyber-company on the journey!

And please do feel at ease to chat along via comments. There is so much to be found reading the shared thoughts you leave behind here...

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