Friday, November 12, 2010


The weeks from June to November
always include a stop at the local produce stand.
It's an errand (unlike grocery store shopping) that I look forward to & enjoy.
Part of the reason is the obvious visual charm
But my love of 'farm stand' perusing goes so much deeper than the mix of colors & textures!
The smells! The weathered wood crates! The props (look at that handsome old wheelbarrow)
                                        Veg and fruit and flower all gathered in one place.
My mind dances with thoughts of medieval markets
Images of women with baskets in times long gone, the image paints itself in my mind...

Here, at farm-stands there are no 
No canned music
No disinterested 'employees'

Everything offered is nestled together
like a little community of growing visual or edible bits of life!
The 'music' is background chatter, news being shared,
concern for a neighbor or happy updates
(When was the last time you heard anyone laugh in a grocery store)?
A moment or two with the grower/owner - who often offers a slice of  melon or apple
while telling the story, flavor, favored growing condition of whatever you
hold in your hand.

I want 2 apples? I can have two apples!
Not in plastic bags from far off lands but the two I hand pick from the crate.

Best of all, buying here supports the people who work tirelessly to plant, weed, water, watch-over
harvest, pack, carry, set up, watch-over-and-sell-themselves. No middleman. No overhead.
Every time you or I buy a piece of fruit or tomatoe or flower the farmer/grower
sets out here, this way, they see so much more profit for the efforts he or she has invested.

For the buyers, ah the taste! The freshness! The (often) non-pesticided-ness!
The not-been-in-plastic-bags-and-trucks-forever-ness! The choice!

Simple, enjoyable, ancient magic...
If you've never tried it, you don't know what you're missing.
Find the nearest stand, open market next year and Go..
If you love it like I do, you understand when I tell you
how much I love, yet am saddened by pumpkin/apple/mum season
at the market because soon, it will be grocery-store-only season.
I'll be (as every year) counting the days till my little farm stand is open again!
I'll be counting down to being able to again buy good food from good people at good prices
And the magic.....

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