Monday, November 01, 2010


She's a tiny bit hard to get along with
She takes my orange yellow leaves
My dappled sun, no longer summer strong
But sill able to dance through
October Autumn leaves

She closes my windows
Stills my billowing lace sheers
That are my icon for summer daydreaming
She makes the sensible heat saving me
Go even one step further as I drop the blinds

November steals away the long long longgggg days
That have been trippingly decreasing for months
(but I blame her - she carries the designated time change date)
She's hard to befriend
This cold dark month

But she brings small gifts to win me over
(or to appease me at the very least)
In the form of crisp apples and pumpkins
In the longing for sweaters and blankets
Absent all hot steaming summer
And September-October-Fall

She gifts me with my renewed passion to bake
Breads and sweets will again fill the house
With inside aroma and coziness
Exiled in Summer

Perhaps I'll befriend her
These weeks, uncared for by me, of November
Not not for the gifts she brings
Not ignoring the loves of mine she takes

But perhaps I can befriend her
Based on the thought that she
Like me
Is, simply, who she is
Both good and bad interwoven, inseparable
The loveable (and unlikeable) parts of the whole
Copyright FDFerris 2010


  1. I Love the last verse. We are who we are!

  2. Thank you! It is fascinating to me just how true that is (from our first breath!) All thru life various factors influence our being. Experience(s), those who love us, those we love back. Choice we make, paths we do/don't take. But thru it all, the core of who we are, who we will become - the foundation of our essence - is unchangeable, unconquerable!